We the people of SARO visited that orphanage, there I saw the pathetic condition of many people. There are totally 56 members in that 50 are kids in between 5 to 14 years and remaining are adults and teenagers. We spent nearly 31k for their basic needs and all.

It is very sad to them in that situation where they don’t have any proper place to sleep and hygienic food to eat and no proper education. when we went there and distributed the basic needs like foods, books etc they are starting at us and things like that they never saw in their life. Then I understand one thing though we have everything in our life, like parents, food and all we are saying that it is not good that is not good, once if we were in their position then we can understand the value of food, parents and all. I learned a very good lesson from them. But I m feeling very happy that we can help them and once when we gave them all those items,I have seen happiness in their eyes but one thing I understand that we do not know the value of anything until it is with us but once we lost it we will get to know the value of it I thought that, like I imagined if I were in that situation, I can’t even imagine like that for one second also but they have to be like that for lifetime. one thing we should not be selfish in our life, as human beings having humane nature we should help when someone will be in trouble then God will definitely help us. Finally, I felt Very happy while coming home, that I felt it like a big achievement in my life by helping them. I think these events should be conducted every time so that we will come to know everything.
          I thank God for giving me wonderfull oppurtunity.

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