Saro (save a rupee organization) is an Organization started to give a hope of light to the various people across the seas to help.

It helps all the needy people who are in need of food, shelter, clothing and other basic needs which are required for the survival. The main reason for starting this Organization is by seeing the suffering of the people AROUND US. To experience this suffering, we have conducted a number of events to see the pain of people which we even don’t know or never experienced with the grace of GOD and our PARENTS, we are blessed with all basic comforts until we experience their suffering of the needy. We did not know the pain and agony of the suffering people. There are many people around us who are not even getting food for a single time a DAY, which is a pathetic condition according to me because as per my knowledge people other than them are possessing a proper delicious food and branded clothes and the good source of travel.

By seeing the current situation of people SARO has adopted these objectives

  • To help the abandoned child
  • To help the blind people and physically handicapped
  • To help the people who are financially backward
  • To help the old people