Harisitha’s Words

The place I have gone is Datta Manindra Ashram. It was an experience which I never expected from those kids.Though they are small in their age they have matured minds. The place they are living is have┬ácongested and they are being educated by a person who is really fabulous by his heart. They became very close to me in a very short span of time that it became difficult for me to leave that place… I definitely say that those kids will serve the nation as they get to know abut the pb of being poor. So they really touched my heart and they are very happy there though the circumstances are not good, that is the positive attitude. There are broad-minded and the person organising that ashramam is not rich, he also came from a poor family and educating lot of people, so we should also somehow be useful in the Society in one way or the other. So I learnt a lot more things and they touched me emotionally. So by seing that I will try to serve lot more people in the society.

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