Visweswar’s Words

Happy to be part of the organization like SARO.I got a chance to organize and attend two events and my experience was simply amazing and I learn a lot. I have met Orphanage children’s on my first event where I amazed to see how happy they were and just after some initial interaction with them, they mingled with us so much that we danced and played together. Still, I remember their smile and love they showed on us. My second experience was meeting physically challenged women, where tears roll out of my eyes after watching them and asked God WHY? They have to face all those difficulties..! and after undergoing through a lot of hardship still they were able to smile and I still remember the sentence spoken by one woman that “She wanted to become Teacher and wanted to live independent life ” she even qualified for TET. I decided to get involved in things that make a difference in people’s lives and lifts them up by helping

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